Sunday, October 19, 2014

Project J.A.R.S. updates and announcements

Project J.A.R.S. ...everyone thought our project was finished and that we faded into the world of big dreams without motivation. Well we have not gone anywhere, as mentioned in our last blog, we have been busy purchasing equipment and also researching startups. I must admit this was not an easy task, between our personal projects and personal lives (not to mention scheduling) we have been busy as beavers. 

I would like to thank +Ryan Satterfield for taking on the task of handling OneContech and all the Twitter feeds. If you haven't viewed his YouTube channel on Web Security you need to check it out...lots of great information from the internet security ninja himself. Thanks Ryan.

Whats new?

Project J.A.R.S. has been building the studio and making sure we have all the software necessary to move into the next Phase and start shooting videos for YouTube. Now let state for the record I am camera shy but thanks to +Jim Ault I'm actually getting comfortable with being in front of a camera in mass video sessions. This week is the last of the equipment builds and installations and although we are 2 weeks behind our original start time I think it works better this way, we got a chance to work out some bugs and also set some standards for video production. I feel like a kid with a new toy...geek. 

November will start the bi-weekly video channel that will be on YouTube. We will discuss new startups, issues with running a small business and of course technology. Project J.A.R.S. will also return to live Twitter feeds (@projectjars) and take questions and suggestions. You can also join us on our site for news and updates.


If you have a startup and have been looking for a free way to share your projects, inventions or just work for a cool startup we invite you to share with us. Project J.A.R.S. is the product of those of us with visions of the future and look to improve our communities. We also want to invite game developers and women in technology and business to share their experiences and stories so we can help spread the word on their projects. 

Well that's all for now make sure to follow us on Twitter @projectjars or here on Google +Project J.A.R.S 

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