Saturday, April 26, 2014

An introduction to Project J.A.R.S.

Project J.A.R.S. ..a venture unlike any other

My fellow Bootstrappers, I would like to introduce the first online convention dedicated to the promotion and support of Startup companies, Entrepreneurs, Application Developers and Software teams who are looking for a place to present their ideas and products to people like themselves who are looking for help with marketing, networking, and the sharing of ideas.
Created in the late hours of night by 4 gentlemen who were in a Google Hangout we were discussion the hardship of starting a business in our industry. We discussed everything from how to start, getting a team together, and how to build something that everyone would want to use. Then out of the blue someone said, " Hey Storm what if we built an online convention...that way anyone who is serious about starting a business or trying to get their software ideas and inventions into a new audience. They could network together and help each other out without having to travel and spend money we don't have." Then lighting response was "okay lets do it and see what happens" and that's the night that Project J.A.R.S. was conceived.

Introducing Project J.A.R.S. Team

  • Jim Ault's profile photo Jim Ault this is the man behind the social media revolution, few understand social media better than me when i tell you if you are looking for exposure then you need to work with Jim.
  • Ryan Satterfield aka the security ninja of the internet. Ryan has dedicated his career to making the internet safe for the those of us oblivious to the dangers of identity theft, hackers and trolls. Ryan has a long history with security standards and is very up to the task of help you secure your sites and servers.
  • Joshua Kidd, representing the future of technology and the potential that we all have. Josh as he likes to be referred to is the guide to younger developers to keep dreaming. With his unique insight to software and hardware applications Josh keeps us on our toes when it comes to being relevant.
  •   Storm Hightower what can I say, I am humbled by theses about My history stems from the Networking and Telecommunications I had the honor of helping introduce the Blackberry to the U.S. and working with some wonderful teams on different projects for companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Sprint, Dupont and Astra Zenica.

Project J.A.R.S. is a member-driven organization built on the foundation of developers, entrepreneurs, investors, Bootstrappers large and small who believe that the growing web of information technologies may be our most powerful - and profitable - tool to improve global technological and economic sustainability. We are going to change the rules, no more financial, or gender bias. We are a community that has strength in numbers, and we are going to shake the ground and kick in a few doors because innovation should not be hindered by closed minded individuals.

Project J.A.R.S. is looking to build a platform of equality, female, male, race, none of that matters here. We are looking to break the Silicon mold and we are looking to you for help. We hope you will follow our weekly blog as we work towards hosting the first of these conventions.

We can be found on Twitter @ProjectJars or visit our page Project J.A.R.S. and join up and help start something new... 

*Authors note this is my first blog so suggestions are welcome