Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bootstrap Spotlight Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Bootstrap Spotlight. It took a little bit of trolling to find the right startups but I think I have found some cool new startups that deserve a moment in the light. Now before we start I want to take a moment to let our readers know we have been on a little hiatus because it got really busy in our world recently and that meant we had to reorganize and re-prioritize our day to day activities. 

Fear not Project J.A.R.S. is not going anywhere, if anything we are improving on our mission to bring Bootstrap Startups and services to the attention of the masses. 

New Internet Startups

First up to bat Media startup Distractify  created by Quinn Hu ad Yosef Lerner. Distractify gathers all those interesting news stories and web links and drops them all in one place so that users can create stories or report on news that is important to them. According to his interview with Business Insider Hu wants "wanted to make people feel an emotion that is universal". Now that's a statement, I like the idea that news is not limited to reporters and that all topics have to have some global catastrophe attached to them. On their sight you can choose what stories you want to read under categories like News, Fun, Culture, Geek and People. I suggest taking a look at may find yourself wandering into a new world of news and information. 

What did they name they baby?

I would like to thank for sharing the news about a new app that will help future parents pick a baby name. The app is called NameMyWorld which can be found in both the Google Playstore and IOS stores. According to the article NameMyWorld has redefined the business of naming a baby, which has always been a toss up in the past.  Every person with a weird name has always wanted to wonder "What were my parents thinking?" when it came to their birth name. Names like Werner, ShaquadiaMonique, Blu, Ragmen. (Not making these up people have these as first names)  According to the article:

"NameMyWorld is an app that helps parents name their baby. It  uses the principles of numerology to determine if a particular name will be suitable for the baby, and whether it is in sync with the baby’s date of birth or not. It is calculated by a unique algorithm in the app, which returns a percentage score for every name that parents wish to evaluate.
So parents, who are in the middle of naming their baby, can download the app for free and create a profile for themselves and their newborn. They are then required to punch in the names that they are considering for the baby to get the percentage score out of 100, and choose the one they like most out of the top names. To assist parents further with the selection, the app also provides a verdict like Best, Good, Average and Critical for different score ranges."
Talk about a relief just think how thankful your child will be when you tell them years later that he was named after an app..LOL For those of you interested here is a link to their video on youtube.
 Coloring Books 
Your reading the heading correctly, with the advances in technology is it hard to believe that kids activities haven't grown with the times. Introducing Kids Coloring Book.  Now using your tablet of Android smartphone you can share play time with the kids. According to their page in the Google Store:

 “Kids Coloring Book is an application that works fast! It will please kids of all ages, thanks to the richness of colors which magically appear at the touch of the screen. When you paint a line there is no delay. When you are filling in shapes, it fills right up to the lines you have just painted and works just as well on the many pre loaded pictures and drawing available. You can easily erase at anytime if you need to correct something. You can also save a picture and continue it at a later time.
So Install Kids Coloring Book today and see how quick and easy it is to use! Have fun with our coloring pages.
Your child can choose pictures from following categories:
1. Princess
2. Animal
3. People
4. Car
5. Face
6. Easter Holidays
7. Plane
8. Police cars, fire trucks and fireman and others.”
I think this is a wonderful application for parents and their kids, the app can help keep the little ones entertained while on those long road trips, or when parents have to wait in the doctors office…this will keep the busy for hours. This application gets to thumbs up from Project J.A.R.S.

Well that's all for this week on Bootstrap Startup if you like the spotlight share your projects with us and we will post them in our blog. Follow us @projectjars on Twitter or join us on our Google+ We look forward to hearing from you.

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