Saturday, July 5, 2014

The world of Utilities is changing

The future of energy is changing

July 5th ,2014 Bill Sanderson published his article on the future energy, according to his article posted in MarketWatch. This is good news considering we are living in the age of technological innovation. The idea that you can have your own solar generator and produce power for use in your home at night is great. Imagine going through a hot summer without fearing the electric bill each month because your family leaves the air conditioners on all day. It's a cool idea and energy companies do not want you to know how much you can save by investing in solar energy products. 

In the past 10 years we have seen a boom in the solar technology industry, more and more companies and residential communities are seeing the advantage of having self generated power. It not only saves money on the light bill but it also helps the environment. Using solar panels on your home reduces the amount of grid energy you use therefore reducing the amount of resources required to produce that power. I know it all sounds a little crazy, but look around and you will see that people are starting to see that solar energy is a resource that we should take seriously. 

According to Bill Sanderson's article " Prices for home solar systems have dropped 10% a year for the last five years, according to Sanford C. Bernstein Research. Home solar installations already compete on price with utilities in Hawaii and Washington, D.C., Bernstein says. " That's important information to share, because as you know the power companies don't like competition, according to the article with the reduction in cost for residential and small business installation consumers are more prone to invest in a solar solution for power needs for their homes and business. The upfront cost are high but the return on your investment is worth every penny, after installation of solar panels on a home the monthly bills have dropped from $300 dollars to as low as $20 a month. Talk about savings...that's a pretty big one. 

The cost of installing solar panels on a home depends, but they have some cool payment options. You can lease the panels, or buy them outright, the choice is yours. If these are not options for you then you can choose other money saving options like Solar Generators, or Solar Furnaces that produce heat and electricity. Solar energy is a source of power that many have taking for granted but now that our climate and our environment is changing we need to harness this power, its clean, free and environmentally friendly..just ask any plant.

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